About Chinese Business Society:

关于 Chinese Business Society:


Target GROUP:

We are dedicated in providing UCSD students, who are interested in the growing business fields, especially in Finance, Consulting, Investment Banking and Accounting Careers, with broad socializing opportunities to get more information about what their actual dream jobs are. We welcome students with different cultural backgrounds but we mainly focus on International students, especially Native Chinese students who are willing acquire hands on experience and professional networking within the U.S. The club member's desired majors are Management Science, Economics, Math Joint Economics, Accounting Minor, Business Minor and Information Technology.


我们致力于为对商业,特别是对金融、咨询、投行和会计感兴趣的UCSD学生群体提供一个广阔的社交平台,为他们在追求梦想职业的道路上提供强有力的支持与帮助。我们专注于为国际学生,尤其是那些愿意在美国获得工作经验和社交网络的中国留学生提供服务;我们也随时欢迎不同文化背景的学生一同加入到我们中间来。CBS社团成员的专注领域是Management Science,Economics,Math Joint Economics,Business和Information Technology。

Club Forecast:

Chinese Business Society will be utilizing UCSD resources to provide Business Forums, pre-professional mock interviews, networking with various financial services corporations in order to provide more opportunities for students who are willing to acquire more information and internship opportunities within the American Financial Market; with a specialized emphasis on how to fully be prepared for their future careers. We are trying to build up a social and business networking platform for our UCSD students who are interested in business and in the next two years and are looking forward to expand the CBS’s chapters in multiple distinctive UC campuses.


Club Responsibility:

Chinese Business Society’s main responsibility is to cohesively build up the social and business networking for our young generations and also working hard to improve our personal skills in areas such as problem-solving, career planning, learning strategies and most importantly, giving our students opportunities to advance their interpersonal skills for their future careers.  Students with each unique characters are encouraged to work together to create a welcoming environment for the whole community. The board of the Club strive to offer abundant networking opportunities for club members which includes various workshops and other projects for students interested in the financial professions. The club is dedicated in sharpening members with functional, efficient and detail oriented financial logic. Students who wish to join our membership will have ample chances to work in different group settings, such as learning how to cooperate with others in a project or be given a leadership position within different project settings. Such project group may have opportunities such as working on research of their interest and formulating a business plan, thus greatly working on interpersonal skills a well a getting used to working in a team environment. 



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